Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting to Consider

Now that you have an idea of some of the types of commercial window film available, let’s take a closer look at how certain types of commercial tint can benefit your business. From saving you money on your monthly utility bill to increasing the privacy and security of your employees, there are many different benefits to consider before you install commercial window tinting.

Significantly Reduces Your Energy Costs

Energy-efficient window films, such as heat blocking and insulating window films, can greatly cut down on your energy costs by reducing your facility’s reliance on HVAC systems. In fact, they can lower your monthly utility bill by as much as 25%. We’ve had commercial clients who have saved up to $300,000 during the first nine months after installation.

Blocks Out Harmful UV Rays and Glare

All of our commercial window films block out 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays. These are the same solar rays that cause everything from minor sunburns and furniture fading to more serious problems like skin cancer. Our tints also block out glare, making it much easier to focus on things like computer screens, while still giving you the option to let natural light into your business.

Increases Indoor Comfort All Year Long

When you spend eight or more hours a day in an office building or other commercial facility, your personal comfort is important. Heat blocking and insulating window tints give you much better control over the indoor climate, so you can keep the temperature just where you like it—year-round. Other performance factors like UV and glare blocking also add to personal comfort and make it easier to focus on getting business done.

Upgrades the Appearance of Commercial Facilities

Different types of window tinting for commercial buildings can completely change their appearance, adding to their curb appeal or providing a much needed contemporary update. From classic shades of black to even more modern looks like dichroic window films or mirrored tints, there are a huge variety of stylish commercial window tinting options you can choose from for your facility.

Adds Privacy and Security

Besides changing the appearance of a building, tinted, colored, and mirrored window films can also be used to increase your business’s privacy. For example, you could apply these types of tint to an entire office building to give employees more privacy or to keep prying eyes out of certain sensitive areas. Security window tinting can also be applied to protect your business from burglary and other threats.

How Much Does Window Tinting Cost?

The final cost to you depends on various factors including the specific style of window tint you choose, its performance, and the complexity of the job. Most of our window films end up costing in the range of $7-$12 per square foot. Keep in mind that commercial window tinting is an investment that often pays for itself within three years because of the energy savings that it provides. Contact Campbell Corporation today for more information about our pro window tint services for commercial clients.

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